Little Healing Room 

Walk In...Float Out...

Your Health and Wellness Sanctuary

Experience a Little Slice of Heaven

Take some time off to relax and pamper yourself at Little Healing Room in Upper Lafayette, Louisiana. Our mini spa is very peaceful and serene, making it the perfect place to visit when you want to unwind in your personal space. We specialize in a variety of therapeutic massages; also treating car accident injury cases. To learn more about our services and view our price list, go to the Services page.

Mission Statement

Little Healing Room mission is dedicated to being a safe haven of tranquility, refocusing stress into a positive peaceful energy, and providing an extraordinary experience that has our clients walking in and floating out! Our highly-trained and experienced staff will tailor each individual specific needs in the comfort of our beautiful, peaceful and cheerful office atmosphere. Most importantly, it is our firm belief that customer service and continuous improvements are paramount in achieving customer satisfaction which are truly the reason we enjoy serving our great community and surrounding areas at an affordable cost.

We promise you will " Walk in...Float Out..."
Mermaid (Audio)